Summer Bands

Albert Montecalvo,  Director


Don’t miss the greatest Summer Band program in town! Expert teachers Albert Montecalvo and Anthony Nunes lead bands for all levels of experience – from absolute beginner to advanced jazzer. In this program, many advanced students choose to learn new instruments by diving right into Beginning or Concert band with them. Beginning students round out their day with STEAM-inspired projects, such as building instrument. Summer Bands is a true community of musicians. There’s no better way to have a fun and inspiring two weeks!

 Participants say:

“Every year I learn something new about my instrument.”

“I enjoy the music, for sure.  Also, you can pick up new instruments!”

“If you’re looking to learn new instruments or have more friends who have the same experiences you do with music, and have the same passion that you do, I would definitely come here for summer.”


Summer Bands 2018

Dates: July 2 – 13; 9 am – 3 pm
Program Location: Danbury Music Centre, 256 Main Street, Danbury, CT
Concert: July 13th,  Broadview Middle School,  72 Hospital Ave, Danbury, CT 06810


Summer Bands Program offer a day-long program for all students working on skills that will enhance their instrumental technique as well as more general musical knowledge. For students who are not participating in Jazz or Symphonic Bands, we offer some exploratory courses in the morning, including STEAM program projects and sectional classes on your instrument. Please check information box below for Placement Evaluation schedule.

Again, this year! Summer Bands Program will continue to offer a new level for students in grade 3 (or above) who have never played an instrument before! For students with an interest in a new instrument, we are offering an afternoon Exploratory Orchestra (see below).


Ensembles & Schedule

Jazz Ensemble 9:00 – 10:15 am

Requirements:see Symphonic Band requirements.

:Participants will also be expected to

  • play arrangements from the big band era through contemporary big band style
  • demonstrate beginning improvisational skills and solo playing

Symphonic Band 10:30 – 12:00 pm


Participants should

  • have studied music at an advanced level
  • be able to play major, minor, chromatics from two to three octaves
  • be able to execute different styles of phrasing and articulation
  • have knowledge of complex time and key signatures
  • have the ability to play syncopation


Lunch Break 12:00 – 12:30 pm


Concert Band* 12:30 – 1:45 pm


Participants should

  • have two or three years of music study (or the recommendation of their private or school music teacher)
  • play several two-octave scales
  • understand compound time signatures, key signatures with at least two flats or sharps
  • be familiar with repeat signs, dynamic and tempo markings

Preparatory Band* 2 – 3 pm


Participants should

  • have one year of music instruction
  • be familiar with basic rhythm patterns, time and key signatures
  • be able to play a one-octave scale


The bands above are also suitable for students proficient on a primary instrument who wish to pursue a secondary (or tertiary) instrument.

Exploratory Band 2 – 3 pm

Students will have instruction on assembling their chosen instrument to playing and reading beginning music. This is an amazing opportunity for novice students to work with Mr. Albert Montecalvo in a nurturing environment to truly develop a love of music and their instruments. Mr. Montecalvo will assist students in determining where to purchase/rent their own instruments. Students will need to purchase their beginning book, “Essential Elements”, for that instrument.


Band Placement Evaluations will be held Tuesday, June 5th for: new students in Symphonic Band and Jazz Band new students wishing to be properly placed in an ensemble placement changes.    

Please prepare music indicative of your highest skill level and bring a copy of the music with you. You will be asked to play a scale and sight read.
Call 203-748-1716 for an appointment.

Register here


• $375 by May 31
• $400 starting June 1

   Albert Montecalvo, Director Summer Bands

 Albert Montecalvo has directed the Danbury Music Centre Summer Band Program since 2002.  He retired from the Carmel School District in 1998 as director of music K-12 and director of bands.  He has performed as drummer and percussionist with many local orchestras, theater groups and big bands.  He conducted the Danbury Symphony Orchestra in Charles Ives’ Third Symphony in 2011, at the Danbury Music Centre Grand Gala in 2012, and at the Pops Concert hosted by CityCenter Danbury in 2013.

Mr. Montecalvo has served as adjunct music professor at WCSU where he taught music education, conducted the Symphonic Band and supervised student teachers.  He directs the Western Connecticut Youth Wind Ensemble and has conducted Broadway Shows for Ridgefield High School since 2004.


Anthony Nunes 2 Anthony Nunes, Assistant Director Summer Bands

Antony Nunes was born and raised in Danbury and now resides in New Fairfield. He has been teaching private trumpet lessons since 1999 and has been teaching in the Norwalk Public Schools since 2011. He performs in various musical groups in the area, including the Danbury Symphony Orchestra, and has his Master’s degree in Music education from WCSU. Mr. Nunes has directed the Summer Concert and Preparatory Bands since 2008.