Music Theory II

Music Theory II


Place: Danbury Music Centre- Zoom Online Class (CDC guidelines)


Day: Wednesdays, January 13- March 17, 2021


Time: 10:00am-11:15 am


Instructor: Joyce Flanagan, Retired choral conductor, music theory teacher and department chair of Ridgefield High School (36 years’ experience)


Cost: 10 weeks of instruction- $200. Per student, paid to Danbury Music Centre.

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Prerequisite- Music Theory I class, or knowledge of: Music Symbols, Tempo, Note Reading Treble and Bass Clef, Time Signatures, Rhythm Reading, Circle of fifths, Key Signatures, and scales. This class is a continuation of Music Theory I. Students that have these skills already and would like to join this level class should contact the instructor for more information. Students will receive worksheets to further advance their skills. 



Scales- Whole Tone, Pentatonic, Harmonic and Melodic Minor 

Major and Minor Chord Progressions- for Composing or identifying chords in Classical and/or Pop music.

Piano Skills- finding chords

Ear Training-Identifying-Intervals, Chords

Sight Reading Skills-Practicing ways to improve your sight reading


Transposition- Key Changes

Understanding Transposing and Non-Transposing Instruments

Students will receive worksheets to further advance their skills. 


Student need to acquire:

Three ring binder

Staff paper/pencils

Piano or Keyboard

Zoom on computer downloaded