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Since the 1935,  Danbury Music Centre has offered classical music concerts to the greater Danbury area, mostly free of charge.

We would like to invite you to reach our audiences through this program booklet.  By advertising in one or more of our series’ program books, you are supporting one of the longest-standing cultural organizations in our community, and helping to sustain these opportunities to perform, and to hear, high-quality music in Danbury.

Below is our pricing structure for the 2016-17 season.  If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact: or call (203) 748-1716.

About our Audiences:

Summer reaches approximately 750 audience members

Fall reaches approximately 1,000 audience members

Spring reaches approximately 1,500 audience members

Nutcracker reaches 3,500-4,000 audience members

All of our audiences are multi-generational.  The Summer and Nutcracker audiences tend to include more young people. 

Our Summer programs includes performances of educational groups, children through adults, as well as Artists-in-Residence from The Juilliard School and other major conservatories.

Our Fall and Spring series both include performances by the Danbury Symphony Orchestra, Danbury Community Chorus, and Danbury Community Orchestra; Spring also includes a concert by the Danbury Preparatory String Orchestra.

More information about our programming is available by calling the Danbury Music Centre office: (203) 748-1716.

Danbury Music Centre, 256 Main Street, Danbury, CT  06810


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