We have a tough nut to crack.  Danbury Music Centre is experiencing a financial crisis. 

This year, as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Danbury Music Centre’s Nutcracker, a snowstorm hit Danbury, and the two shows scheduled for December 9th were cancelled.  Dancers were heartbroken, audience members were disappointed, and now, having refunded $24,627 in ticket sales as well as losing the income (estimated $4,823) that we would have received from sales at our boutique and raffle, Danbury Music Centre faces a financial crisis that we cannot overcome without your generous help.

We are looking at potential cuts to programs that we all love and enjoy.  Hundreds of people regularly participate in our wonderful orchestras, chorus, Nutcracker, and summer programs.  Without recouping the losses from the cancelled Nutcracker performances, we will have to take action that could affect all our programs.

As an immediate first step, the Board of Directors has voted to cancel the 2018 Gala. In recent years this has been a profitable event for us, but very labor-intensive relative to the return. This year, instead, we are concentrating our efforts on higher-impact fundraising.

We greatly need your swift and generous support to help us make up the $30,000 loss we have incurred.

Your gift of…

$150 underwrites one of our musical support staff for one rehearsal.

$250 enables a student with financial need to participate in a summer program.

$500 stores our Nutcracker costumes for one month.

$1,000 covers the rental of a venue for one concert.

$2,500 pays one music director for one month of services.

$3,500 co-sponsors one concert.

$7,500 sponsors one concert.

$10,000 sponsors one summer program.

$12,000 pays for rental of Danbury High School for this year’s Nutcracker.

$30,000 recoups the losses from the cancellations on December 9th.

Please, will you help us to crack this tough nut?

Donations may be made online at danburymusiccentre.org or by check payable to: Danbury Music Centre, 256 Main Street, Danbury, CT  06810. For information on becoming a sponsor or major underwriter of the Nutcracker Ballet, or any of our programs, please contact Barbara Adams Jaeger by phone at 203-748-1716 or email at Barbara@danburymusiccentre.org.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.  Your gift in any amount is greatly appreciated.

Or mail a check to:

Danbury Music Centre
256 Main Street
Danbury, CT 06810




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